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July 2018 Newsletter

Happy Independence Day!  Thank you to all who served, providing us the freedom we enjoy today.  Download our July Newsletter Diversified Wealth Management Solutions July 2018 Newsletter

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Retirement Plan Fee Comparison Report

Are you overpaying for your Company Retirement Plan? When was the last time, your advisor did a cost comparison to try and save you money? Diversified Wealth Management Solutions has recently launched a new Retirement Plan Cost Comparison Tool that will provide you with a clear picture as to whether or not you are leaving…

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Tax Loss Harvesting

Are you looking for ways to lower your end of the year tax bill?  Consider utilizing tax loss harvesting.  By effectively implementing this strategy you can use losses sustained by some of the investments in your portfolio, to offset some or all of the capital gains by other investments.  In addition to lowering your capital gains…

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5-Point Portfolio Checkup

At your next portfolio checkup, here are 5 things that we recommend you get into the habit of reviewing. First and foremost you should address any changes to your needs and goals. As with any good plan, it is important to understand what, where, and when you are trying to get. If your goals have…

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