Income Tax

Tax Loss Harvesting

Are you looking for ways to lower your end of the year tax bill?  Consider utilizing tax loss harvesting.  By effectively implementing this strategy you can use losses sustained by some of the investments in your portfolio, to offset some or all of the capital gains by other investments.  In addition to lowering your capital gains…

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Taxes on Social Security Benefits

One of the most common questions that I receive as clients prepare for retirement is whether or not social security benefits are taxable.  The quick answer to this question is that it depends.  Social security income is generally not taxed, however depending on the amount of income that you are receiving from other sources such…

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12 Common Tax Errors to Avoid

As the 2015 tax filing deadline nears, consider these 12 common tax errors you should avoid.  Reviewing these common mistakes can help you avoid costly fees, penalties, and/or potential jail time.  Download 12 Common Tax Errors to Avoid

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Compensation Strategies C Corporations

Are you running a C Corporation and struggling with how much to pay yourself? We take a look at the balancing act between minimizing taxes and maximizing compensation, give you some things to consider when evaluating a level of reasonable compensation and provide some helpful hints on how to avoid costly penalties. Consult your Financial…

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2016 Tax Reference Chart

An important component of a strong Financial Plan involves tax planning. For many of us, a New Year gives us an opportunity to revisit and evaluate our current financial plan. As you complete your financial checkup, utilize our 2016 tax reference chart for updated tax data. 2016 Tax Reference Chart

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